#366 Repurpose Your 2d Act Career Marc Miller

Jul 10, 2019 | Business Buildout

#366 Marc Miller – Repurpose Your 2d Act Career

The Not Old Better Show, Business Buildout Interview Series

Welcome to the Not Old Better Show, Business Buildout series, I’m your host, PV, and this is episode #366.  Today’s show is brought to you by AutoSlash.

We have a great Not Old Better Show, Business Buildout career episode today, and my guest is author, speaker, leader Marc Miller.
We’ve spoken to Marc previously, and today we’re catching up to Marc at his home in Ajiici, (AH-ha-hic) Mexico.  It’s always wonderful speaking with my friend, Marc Miller. Marc is so upbeat, so positive and Marc has learned much in his move, now as ex pat, to Mexico.  Marc Miller-traveler extraordinaire, has much to share and has done a great deal of experimentation with telecommunications, video, mobile and cloud-based technologies to make our interview today work, and his own work, work, while living outside of the US.  

Of course, we’ll have lots of links to find and connect with Marc Miller online, and where to find the newest edition to his excellent book, “Repurpose Your Career” which I’ve asked Marc to read from now…

That of course is our guest today, Marc Miller.  Marc founded CareerPivot.com to help the baby boomer generation create successful and fulfilling professional lives.  Marc’s books, his workshops, his speaking, resources, podcasts, and Marc’s stated strategy is to work with those of us “in the 2d half of life,” who want to change.  

Now, for my audience, let’s answer some questions:  

* Does the idea of a mid-life career change overwhelm you?

* Do you feel trapped in your career?

* Do you fear it’s too late to make change?

Please join me in welcoming to The Not Old Better Show, author, public speaker, leader, Marc Miller.

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