#322 Introducing ONE PLUS ONE – Wondery’s Newest Podcast

Feb 19, 2019 | Art of Living

The Not Old Better Show, Breaking News

Welcome to The Not Old Better Show, I’m Paul Vogelzang and this is episode #322

Hey, everybody, this is a special episode because I’ve got something really special to share with you, my Not Old Better Show audience.

On The Not Old Better Show, we’ve talked a lot about music, sports, technology, and history, among other things. This is where it gets special because Wondery has a brand new podcast, called One Plus One, that offers all of this.

Introducing One Plus One:  Every great collaboration is a love story. It’s intense. Passionate. Along the way, there are flashes of love, hate, pride, ego, ambition, and brilliance. This is One Plus One, the show about the spark that drives two original thinkers to ultimate success. We’ll unearth the stories of Paul McCartney & John Lennon, Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera, Beyonce & Jay-Z, Shaq & Kobe, and many more, and learn what it is about their chemistry that led them to greatness.

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For more information on ONE PLUS ONE,, check out Wondery.fm/ And for anything else, please go to: https://notold-better.com