#310 Aging & Thriving in Place – Jed Miles

Jan 3, 2019 | Art of Living

The Not Old Better Show, Interview Series

Welcome to The Not Old Better Show. I’m Paul Vogelzang and this is episode #310. Today’s show is sponsored by SnugSafe.com

It’s time to elevate the conversation about aging in place. Forget about grab bars and wheelchair ramps. Those are elements of last resort for “old” people. And who wants to be labeled “old”? Certainly none of us in The Not Old Better Show audience.

The problem with aging is that there isn’t a single point at which we are officially “old.” All other major life events—graduating from college and starting a career, for instance, or getting married and starting a family—have a clear starting point. Not aging. It’s not only gradual, but also different for each of us individually. Long before our hips fail us, we might be a little shaky on our feet. Years before we need memory care, we could become unsure of our decisions or forgetful. Aging is relative. Some people are born “old.” Others are young into their nineties.

Yet despite all of these vagaries, we do know several things for sure: America has an aging population with an increasing life expectancy, most of whom desire to stay in their homes indefinitely as they age. In fact, already 118.7 million strong, the population of Americans age 50 and older is expected to swell by another 10 million—nearly 10 percent—by 2020, just over a year away, according to AARP. The number of Americans age 85 and older, meanwhile, is expected to more than triple by 2060, making them the fastest-growing age group in the country. Americans aren’t merely aging, however; they’re also living longer, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, which says a baby born in 2016 will live to an average age of 79.9 while one born in 2060 will live to an average age of 85.63. Someone born in 1950, on the other hand, has an average life expectancy of just 68.4

My guest today on The Not Old Better Show, Jed Miles. Jed Miles is the National Sales Manager for Stander. Stander is all about being independent as we age. Jed Miles is here to help us sort through some of the numbers, some of vagaries, the myths, realities, and some of the options to meet the housing needs of an aging population that plans to stay in their homes, and aren’t likely anytime soon to admit they’re aging. These independent Not Old Better Show audience members are interested in thriving in place, and not just aging in place.

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