#302 Senior Games Gold Medalist – Phil Milliman, Pt. 2

Dec 9, 2018 | Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday Interview Series

Welcome to The Not Old Better Show, I’m Paul Vogelzang and this is episode number 302. Today’s show is sponsored by SnugSafe.com

Initially known as the National Senior Olympics, the National Senior Games, a member of the USOC, has been hosting senior athletes since 1987.

Today, the National Senior Games has grown to one of the largest multi-sport events in the world. The vision has always been: “Instead of looking back as they get older, Senior Olympians think about tomorrow. They think, ‘I’ll beat ‘em next year.’” “This kind of thing is good in every way,”.

We spoke with Chuck Milliman last week, and today on The Not Old Better Show, in part 2, we’ll be speaking with 66 year old champion pole vaulter, Phil Milliman.

Phil Milliman vaulted in High School, then took time away from vaulting, only to return at age 35, and he’s been burning up runways ever since.

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