#260 Lyft – Dan Trigub – Lyft & Healthcare

Sep 12, 2018 | Business Buildout

The Not Old Better Show Business Buildout, Interview Series

As part of our Business Buildout interview series, we’re joined today with Dan Trigub. Dan Trigub leads healthcare partnerships on the west coast for Lyft with a focus on Elder Mobility and finding new and innovative solutions to leverage the Lyft platform for our aging population. Before Lyft, Dan spent time working in Business Development at eBay and previous to that founded several companies including OpenPlacement which is a care coordination platform allowing hospital professionals to connect with post-acute care providers such as senior communities for their patients at the moment of discharge. I first met Dan Trigub at the Boomer Venture Summit and just thought at the time, what a great guest he’d be for The Not Old Better Show audience, given Dan’s deep healthcare background, and Dan Trigub’s personal and professional reasons for doing the work he does.

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