#242 King of Content – Keach Hagey

Jul 25, 2018 | Art of Living

The Not Old Better Show, Interview Series

As part of our Art of Living, author interview series, our guest today on the Not Old Better Show is Keach Hagey.  Keach Hagey is a bylined staff writer with the Wall Street Journal, where she reports on media, and Keach Hagey has written a new book about the remarkable story of Sumner Redstone, his family legacy, and the battles for all he controls.

The title of the book, The King of Content, from Keach Hagey is about Sumner Redstone, who lived by the credo “content is king.” Redstone leveraged his father’s chain of drive-in movie theaters into one of the world’s greatest media empires through a series of audacious takeovers designed to ensure his permanent control. Over the course of this meteoric rise, he made his share of enemies and feuded with nearly every member of his family.

Author Keach Hagey dives deeply into the life of Sumner Redstone, and the soap opera now fully revealed in The King of Content.

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