#142 Lesson 4, David Lawrence XVII Voice Over Training

Lesson 4, David Lawrence XVII Voice Over Training

DAY 4: 2018 Pro Voice Over Training


OK, Over the last few days, I’ve recorded and sent you three lessons in the VO Booking Blueprint. You’ve heard in my voice what David’s training has done for me, and what his training will do for you.  And David’s told me he’s now going to put those first 3 lessons back into storage.

But first, he’s got one more lesson for you…it’s about you moving forward with this excellent VO training. And he’s going to talk about two big “elephants in the room”…


That, of course, is David Lawrence XVII.  And once you click on this fourth lesson, listen towards the end of the lesson, when David gives you the details about his new 2018 VO2GoGo Pro Complete VO Training – and the registration for that just opened up:


Written by Paul Vogelzang

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